"Our Coat Of Arms is a symbol of our integrity and values, even in today's modern world"

Thomas Smit - Current President

Waldeck is situated at an altitude of 250 m on the river Eder in northern Hesse, Germany. The place was first mentioned in 1120 as Waldekke. Until 1665 it remained the residence of the Counts (later Princes) of Waldeck. The residence was then moved to Arolsen, where the counts had already built a new residence in 1526. The castle later served as armoury, corn storage, as seat of a administrator, prison, as a camp for prisoners of war, and as a the seat of the local forest administration. Today the castle is a museum. After World War I the Free State of Waldeck-Pyrmont was created in 1918. In 1922 Pyrmont became part of Prussia, the remaining part of Waldeck followed after a plebiscite in 1929. After World War II, Waldeck became part of the new state of Hesse.