"Our Coat Of Arms is a symbol of our integrity and values, even in today's modern world"
Thomas Smit - Current President

Waldeck Global derives its name from George Frederick von Waldeck, Marshall of William III of Orange. The Prince of Waldeck, a direct descendent of George Frederick von Waldeck was conferred by the Counts of Waldeck in 1701.

In 1741, Prince of Waldeck, a General and Commander-in-Chief of the Waldeck Regiment, set about his new responsibility with professional care and diligence. The Prince of Waldeck built one of the largest mercenary armies in the 18th Century, taking direct control of the strategic planning, organisation and co-ordination of his forces.

On the 20th of April, 1776, the Prince of Waldeck signed a Treaty with George III promising soldiers to the army of England in her battle in North America. Since then The Prince of Waldeck built an International reputation for skill, knowledge and endurance as both a servant and a leader, even fighting with Napoleon in Moscow. The Waldeckers, as his regiments became known, fought for all they had in pursuit of their duties and accountability to their masters.

Such are the qualities necessary for true success; professionalism, care, diligence, planning, commitment and results. These are the qualities we harbour at Waldeck Global. We all have enduring reputations; the only asset of Waldeck Global and one which we guard with the same commitment as the Waldeckers of the last 300 years.